Corporate Governance

PayLogic shall continue its endeavor to enhance its shareholders’ value by protecting their interest by ensuring performance at all levels, and maximizing returns with minimal use of resources in its pursuit of excellence in corporate life. The company shall comply with not only the statutory requirements, but also voluntarily formulate and adhere to a set of strong Corporate Governance practices. PayLogic believes in high standard of ethical values, transparencies and disciplined approach to achieve excellence in all field of activities. It is also committed to comply with the best international practices. The Company shall strive hard to best serve the interests of its stakeholders including shareholders, customers, Government and employees.
This voluntary self-regulatory initiative is designed to reinforce the confidence of investors by improving reporting transparency, the quality of cooperation between supervisory board, management board and shareholders, and by taking long-term value creation into account.
PayLogic has constituted a sub-committee of Board, known as ‘Customer Service Committee of the Board’.
The functions of the sub-committee of Board include suggesting and implementing innovative measures for enhancing the quality of customer services and improving the level of satisfaction for all the categories of clientele, at all times.

Notre communauté


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