Who are we?

A union of Electronic payment experts established Cap Payment Systems Company on July 2006. Over the last years Cap had been transformed into a growing leader of innovation and technology and a prototype for the newly electronic payment solutions innovator. Cap is the precursor to PayLogic. This shift is signalled in 2010, when the company’s name changed to PayLogic. From the beginning, Cap Payment Systems defines itself not by strategies or products but by forward-thinking culture and management practices grounded in core values. Cap Payment systems is recognized as a dynamic and innovative information technology company. Cap payment systems quickly became a leading information technology services company in many countries.
The company’s primary drivers are client care, client satisfaction, the honouring of all commitments, the development of our employees and an absolute commitment to integrity.
The company is active in Morocco, Sudan, Gabon, Senegal, Congo, Bénin, Mali, with a strong network of partners and representatives. We provide top-class business and engineering solution packages, from integrated solutions deployment and support to application development, customization, and installation.
PayLogic offers customers integrated services including Electronic Fund Transfer consulting.
With our strong technology focus and outstanding commitment to our clients, we offer significant cost savings in product development and support.

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